8th Light

Android & iOS Application Development

  • Coding principles
    Pair programming, Debuggers and breakpoints, Bleeding-edge stack
  • Work/Life Rhythm
    Do Not Disturb weekends, No taking work home, Design your own schedule
  • Modern Tech Stack
    MongoDB, React, Python

Our Mission

8th Light's software partner team of skilled crafters and designers thrives when working inside of your code and alongside your development team to forge a business partnership and software product that understands your business. We are passionate about building long-term partnerships with clients to understand their business needs more fully and to build and maintain a durable and extensible software system that is specifically tailored to address those needs long into the future. Several of our clients have worked with us for multiple years. Quality software allows your business to pivot. Our crafters will help discover the sticking points in your application and make incremental improvements that make your software flexible without limiting the many opportunities available to your business.

Tech Stack

Python Ruby on Rails C# JavaScript Golang .NET Elm Elixir CoffeeScript Clojure Scala Swift

Team Q&A

  • Software is our Craft


Core Values

=> We humbly demonstrate our expertise by delivering quality software. We do not inflate our abilities or claim expertise where we have none. => We continually master a variety of technologies and techniques. We do not let unfamiliarity dissuade us from using the best tools. => We teach anyone with a willingness to learn. We do not hoard our knowledge or practices. => We embrace differences of opinion and personality. We do not allow our current practice to impede improvement. => We show respect for our customers and fellow software crafters. We do not act unprofessionally or unethically. => We communicate our progress honestly and openly with our customers. We do not conceal or embellish. The evidence supporting the value of employee training is undeniable. Professional learning and growth opportunities increase employee engagement, improve satisfaction, and drive potential. According to one survey, 40% of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions within the first year. Clearly, this first year is critical to employee retention and engagement efforts, and employers should recognize the value of employee training programs during this key decision making time for the talent they've just onboarded. 8th Light didn't have these studies handy when we created our Modern Apprenticeship program 12 years ago. Instead, our extended onboarding and training program felt like a natural extension of our values, and a good way to ensure all of our employees were prepared to improve the quality of our clients' software—and the more success we saw from it the more we invested in it. New apprentices seeking to become software crafters are grouped into cohorts, and undergo a formal process of cultural onboarding, expectation setting, and initial direction. They also benefit from a collaborative and supportive program that intentionally incorporates work similar to what they will be asked to do as crafters. They are immersed in a competency-based curriculum, which allows us to be deliberate with how we train and prepare our professionals for successful and productive partnerships with our clients. The apprenticeship has been the primary engine behind 8th Light’s success over the last 12 years. Largely, it was driven by the individual efforts of mentors and apprentices discovering the best ways to teach and learn; and while this distributed approach allowed us to innovate rapidly, it also meant we were losing some of the knowledge-sharing benefits from one apprenticeship to the next. As our company has grown in size and scope, we were presented with the opportunity to evolve our apprenticeship program to better capture our shared knowledge and continue providing our apprentices with the best experience and learning environment to keep them happy, satisfied, and engaged.

Vacation & Benefits

Paid vacation and holidays Maternity and paternity leave


  • Empathy with customers
  • Trust the data
  • Always be learning

Cool Tech

  • Artificial intelligence

Day in the Life

  • Training opportunities
  • Weekly executive Q&A
  • Do Not Disturb time blocks
  • Daily lunch together

Team members

  • 8 leadership
  • 50+ software crafters
  • 20 apprentices
  • 10 sales & business development
  • 6 designers
  • 3 human resources
  • 2 interns

Colin Jones


  • 8th Gen i7
  • Sublime
  • Easy to use with shortcuts
  • Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Bridge
  • PUBG

Principal Software Developer

Los Angeles, CA・Senior・Project


Lead Software Developer

Los Angeles, CA・Mid Level・Project

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