San Francisco, CA and NYC

  • Coding principles
    Ship first, refactor later, Code formatter does the work, Bleeding-edge stack
  • Work/Life Rhythm
    Remote as needed
  • Modern Tech Stack
    3scale, Google Cloud Code, React, Go, Redis, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, React Native, Swift

Our Mission

We're on a mission to make learning more collaborative. At Campuswire we’re building a modern communication platform designed specifically for college classes. We’re a passionate team of engineers acutely aware of both the power of collborative learning and, as recent students, the frustrating lack of tools dedicated to helping classes harness it. So we’re building one — a tool that simplifies class communication, saves instructors, TAs and students time, and drives student collaboration.

Tech Stack

Backend: the Campuswire backend API uses Golang and Websockets. Our infrastructure is Google Cloud, Postgres Redis, and ES. Frontend: the Campuswire frontend application is in React and Javascript. Our mobile app is built on Swift and React Native. Our development cycle is tightly integrated with out design cycle. Through collaboration, our designers and developers create beautiful interfaces that look great and run smoothly with delightful animations. In December 2018, we redesigned our entire interface from the ground up as a part of Campuswire Version 2, making the UI cleaner and the UX more intuitive and enjoyable. V2 included seven distinct new features: a class homepage featuring unanswered questions, message deletion, message replies, stealth mode in discussion, huge performance improvements for load time and bug elimination, answer draft deletion, and digest emails. That redesign also gave us space to build new features going forward and cut down on the number of clicks for core actions by 50%. Part of what drove us towards that redesign (beyond tons of great professors feedback and our own ideas about how we could improve the interface) was the consistently growing number of features we had already built over the previous twelve months. Those features included: - Preview functionality in the plain text editor - Answer draft creation - Improved email notification templates - Initial email notification customization  - One-click post and message copying  - The ability to add multiple instructors to a course - Comment deletion - Post draft deletion - Expanding answers and replies by default - Expanded in-app notifications  - Class feed divided by weeks - View counter and distinct view counter on posts Between those 12 new features and the 7 new features in V2, we built 19 new features in 2018. That’s more than 1.5 new features per month, and we fully intend to accelerate that rate of improvement in 2019. The ability to use Campuswire on mobile is vital to the workflow of a class. Professors and TAs need to be able to answer questions on the go and students need to be able to access their courses and conversations and get help from anywhere. To that end, we spent a ton of time building, testing, refining, and releasing Campuswire Beta for iOS in December — already, we’ve heard from lots of satisfied professors and TAs who were relieved to finally have a platform that actually provided a well-designed and functional mobile app. (Campuswire iOS is in Beta, so we’ve also heard lots of feedback and requests for improvements as well!) Mobile apps make Campuswire a complete tool for class communication, so we were thrilled to release the iOS app to the world and we’re even more excited to ship Android in the coming months…

Core Values

The most important part of our growth process is getting to know our professors, hearing their feedback, making the improvements they need, and making sure that they’re familiar with everything that Campuswire can do for their class. We want to hear everything professors have to say about Campuswire— it’s the only way we can improve, adapt, and evolve quickly. From what professors like about Campuswire to how they’re using us in their courses to how they think we can improve, every bit of feedback is extremely valuable. The best way to get that feedback (and to show our professors how committed we are to improving their class communication through Campuswire) is to meet them in-person on their campus in their office or favorite coffee shop. So, we spent a big chunk of our summer and winter traveling to a number of campuses to meet with any professor who wanted to chat. As of this week (I’m writing most of this piece from Princeton University’s beautiful campus), Tade, our Student Design Team, and I spent time at 20 schools with ~75 of our professors, learning about what they need from Campuswire and helping them get to know more about who we are and what we’re trying to accomplish. The feedback and ideas that we heard in those meetings drove many of the new features and improvements that we released over the course of 2018… (Schools we’ve visited: UCLA, Stanford, UC Irvine, UC Davis, UC Riverside, UC Santa Clara, Duke, Wake Forest, Florida State, Brown, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, Penn, Yale, Harvard, NYU, Pace, NJIT, and Georgia Tech Schools on our itinerary for 2019: University of North Carolina, NC State, Georgia, Georgia State University of Florida, MIT, Dartmouth, Cal Berkeley, Cal State Long Beach, USC, Notre Dame, Arizona, Syracuse, San Jose State, and John Hopkins)

Vacation & Benefits

Unlimited PTO. Equity in early stage startup.


  • Psychological safety
  • Intellectually curious
  • Always be learning
  • Trust our intuition

Cool Tech

  • Full-featured IDE editor

Day in the Life

  • Continous feedback
  • Daily lunch together
  • Open floor plan

Team members

  • 16 strong

Mobile Software Engineer

New York City・Mid Level・Full Time


Fullstack Software Engineer

New York City・Mid Level・Full Time

Backend Infrastructure Engineer

Remote・Mid Level・Project

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