Globally Distributed Team - Vegas, California, India, Thailand

  • Coding principles
    Ship first, refactor later, Everybody can push to prod
  • Work/Life Rhythm
    No taking work home, Remote full-time, Design your own schedule
  • Modern Tech Stack
    AWS, React

Our Mission

ClosedWon is the AI sales coach for sales enablement, engagement, and prospecting. We have a playful view of the world. Our mission is to end missed connections. If our clients are closing more deals while enjoying life, then we’ve made a dent in the universe. ClosedWon is where work becomes a playground. ClosedWon AI empowers reps to focus on conversations, not clicks, on building relationships, not activity outputs, and to eliminate the ‘no-reply’ email. ClosedWon transforms KPI data into Sales Coaching with actionable next steps. ClosedWon will democratize the A-player sales process. Today, we built a multi-touch campaign that automates email, social-selling, and voice. Tomorrow, we will build a Sales Coach AI that accelerates the rate of human connections.

Tech Stack

Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Right now, we're exploring the option of moving parts of our product to React to improve the user experience and interactivity.

Team Q&A

  • How do you apply machine learning?

    Zen Lenon

Core Values

Our vision is to travel the world while building a world-class brand where client success is at the center of our universe! If we can do it, so should you. Live the life you've always dreamt of. Follow your heart. Make that money. Do it from a place of care and compassion. Selling is more than just closing deals. It is a lifestyle of providing value to whomever you connect with. Expect nothing in return and the universe will give you the world. We embrace these values and strive to live them everyday: - Listen mindfully and apply feedback - Fast paced - Impactful. Ability to create positive change and provide value outside of working scope. - Go-getter attitude - Integrity. You do what is right, especially when no one is looking - Self-starter and autonomy Educate yourself and learn as much as possible about our industry and our clients' needs - Transparent. You are willing to share ways to improve processes and deliver. You are always your authentic self. - Tenacious. Learn fast, learn often - Resilient and hungry for growth. Our motto is "Close Deals & Travel the World"

Vacation & Benefits

We have a flexible, unlimited vacation policy. We trust everyone to make the best decisions about when to take off and recharge and to get a ‘thumbs up’ from their teammates to make sure projects continue smoothly.


  • Psychological safety
  • Intellectually curious
  • Always be learning
  • Freedom & autonomy
  • Empathy with customers

Cool Tech

  • Artificial intelligence

Day in the Life

  • Do Not Disturb time blocks
  • Weekly executive Q&A
  • Continous feedback

Team members

  • 2 business development
  • 1 human resources
  • 3 fullstack engineers
  • 2 marketing
  • 3 interns
  • 3 client success managers
  • 2 quality assurance
  • 1 happiness hero (Pearl!)
  • 1 accountant
  • 1 data manager

Zen Lenon

CEO & Cofounder

  • Macbook Pro 15"
  • Jetbrains IDE
  • default Mac keybaord
  • Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Pandemic
  • Super Smash Brothers

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