Boston, MA

  • Coding principles
    Ship first, refactor later, Everybody can push to prod, Bleeding-edge stack
  • Work/Life Rhythm
    Massive impact == fulfillment, Remote as needed
  • Modern Tech Stack
    C++, Python, Objective-C

Our Mission

Droplette: skincare that (actually) delivers Most skincare products don’t work. lotions and creams can’t deliver actives (retinol, vitamin C or peptides) deep or fast enough to ever work. and most of the time, the products are wiped (or sweated) off before they can actually do anything. Droplette’s revolutionary technology gets under your skin. droplette creates an enhanced (but gentle) mist made up of thousands of tiny droplets (smaller than any other device on the market creates) for deep and effective delivery. the actives in your skincare routine can finally be active.

Tech Stack

Reusable cartridge with RFID is bluetooth-enabled. Backend: python Frontend: objective-C

Team Q&A

  • Droplette

    Rathi Srinivas


  • Intellectually curious
  • Honesty == hard conversations
  • Empathy with customers

Cool Tech

  • Internet of things (IoT)

Day in the Life

  • Continous feedback
  • Daily lunch together

Senior Tech Lead

Boston, MA・Senior・Full Time


Mobile iOS Engineer

Boston, MA・Mid Level・Full Time

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