Melbourne, Australia

  • Coding principles
    Pull request review, Hacky prototype before clean code, Bleeding-edge stack
  • Work/Life Rhythm
    Remote as needed, Design your own schedule, Remote full-time
  • Modern Tech Stack
    AWS CloudFormation, Puppet Labs, Amazon RDS for Aurora, Splunk Cloud, Rollbar, New Relic, Datadog, CircleCI, Amazon Redshift, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Elixir, Node.js, Rails, Ruby, JavaScript, CSS 3, HTML5, React, AWS

Our Mission

Our story starts in 2006 with three founders in a Sydney garage (no, we’re not kidding). Born from a desire to earn a living doing what they loved, with the flexibility to do it from anywhere, Envato set out to create an online community for buying and selling creative digital assets. Nearly 13 years later, we’re profitable and still totally bootstrapped. This allows us to stay super experimental and totally focused on the best interests of our authors & customers around the world. We’ve built marketplaces where anyone can buy and sell the creative assets they need to complete their projects faster. Our community can now buy millions of different kinds of assets on Envato Market, or subscribe to the #1 unlimited subscription service for creatives, Envato Elements. Every day, these products continue to help everyone from freelancers to small business owners and agencies get their creative projects done. While we are known and loved within the digital professional community globally, where our authors have earned over $750 million, we also want to be a place where anyone can Make with Envato. Alongside Market & Elements, our portfolio also includes Milkshake, a website builder for Instagrammers, Placeit, a smart template tool for logos, mockups, graphic design & more, Mixkit, for free stock footage and animation, and most recently, Twenty20, a stock-photo subscription service. With over 600 people globally, we have offices in Guadalajara, Mexico & Los Angeles, alongside our funky Melbourne HQ. We pride ourselves on being super remote friendly, with a staffing population just as diverse as the global community that use our products. To keep this sustainable as we scale, we support people to work from anywhere, whether that’s the beach in Croatia, on the Mornington Peninsula, or from their living room.

Tech Stack

-Backend C# development AWS and infrastructure REST APIs .NET Core development git source control and GitHub Agile methodologies SQL scripting Unit tests, code refactoring, improving code performance Large sets of data in code Automation and deployment processes and tools (CI/CD) Data warehousing  Business intelligence reporting and visualization More about Twenty20 (a 7-person team in LA that is part of the larger Envato family): - commercial Ruby on Rails - Node.js and Elixir - Test driven development - MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Redshift - we have Ruby, Rails, and Sinatra microservices and apps - Ember.js on the frontend - all running on Heroku and AWS - we process millions of Sidekiq jobs per day - automated testing is done with Rspec and CircleCI - changes are indexed into ElasticSearch in real-time, we have Custom Stemmers and CV enhanced metadata - we're working hard to build a marketplace that connects amateur and professional photographers to brands and agencies that want to buy photos of real people, having real emotions, doing real things - we have tons of massive challenges in engineering and product over both a short timeline as well as over a longer time horizon - we work with massive amounts of unstructured data, and we’re constantly learning and building new ways to help our customers tell their stories with images from our photographer community - every team member touches every part of our code base, and we care deeply about fostering an environment that allows us all to teach and learn from each other, regardless of your role or area of expertise - our engineers work closely with product owners and designers to understand our unique community of artists and buyers, and use that understanding to build highly scalable systems, software, and tools to make them happy and productive. - we work to solve hard problems around photo classification, community management and data analysis, just to name some of the domains we deal with on a daily basis

Team Q&A

  • What's a day in the life at Envato?

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  • From a small idea in a garage to one of the creative world's most quietly influential companies

    Envato founders

Core Values

At Envato we value community, and this extends to our own workplace. We recognise we’re interconnected and everyone working at Envato plays a role in making this a great place to work. Here’s a few lessons we’ve learned about making a great workplace: Treat people like adults We hire talented, smart adult human beings. We don’t need to follow them around micro-managing their days or policing their movements. We think autonomy is the respectful choice, and most importantly, it leads to better outcomes, including a proud and true ownership of results. Envatians have lots of flexibility at work and beyond to do a great job. Our people know better than we do how, when and where they’re going to do their best work. So we work with them to create those optimal conditions Laugh There’s solid science around the power of laughter to heal and promote wellbeing. Humour is also a great way to bond with your teammates. It helps when your CEO and co-founder has an infectious giggle, but we laugh a lot at Envato and always allow ourselves to smile amidst hard work and tough challenges. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and silly doesn’t hurt either. Get physical We have several sports champs in our head office and they inspire the rest of us to get moving. We love our standing desks as much as our bean bags, and we have more Envato sports teams than you can poke a stick at. We do yoga together, run together, shoot hoops together, play rock and roll together, and survive boot camp together. (We also indulge in cupcakes and taco fests, so all things in moderation). Breaking bread Lunch time at Envato head office can sometime feel like Thanksgiving dinner, with our communal kitchen full of ‘family’ members feasting and chatting. It’s another simple way we stay connected when it matters most and catch up on news from colleagues around the business. Learn together We hold mini-TED style talks from fellow Envato teammates so we can learn new things and develop our skills using the wisdom of peers. Our Envatians come from so many interesting backgrounds and perspectives, and have an amazing body of knowledge on everything from virtual reality to anthropology. We start our learning journey at home. Many voices Diversity makes us better. Better products, better ways of working, better food, better people. We’re very proud of our many team members, who hail from all over, across all spectrums. We’ve done more than ever to commit to diversity, rolling out some exciting new initiatives to make our company somewhere women, minorities, members of the GLBTQI community and more can feel welcomed and thrive. Put tech in its place Invest in great technology to make communicating and working, particularly over large distances, as smooth and seamless as possible. Then let it do its job and focus on the human. We love technology and use some fantastic tools to help us do our jobs, but its all in service of smart people, not our robot overlords. It’s only part of our environment, not its reason for being. Be a good citizen Envato and its Envatians are members of the tech community, the start-up community, the Melbourne community, the creative community and more. We love opening our doors and getting out and about to host events, support innovators, great causes and other things going in the wider communities we’re a part of.

Vacation & Benefits

Unlimited PTO, we love traveling the world. We want you to love your work but also your life outside of Envato. A Great Team and Culture: - Developers are responsible for features from inception through to them being in the hands of customers. The devs talk directly to our community and customers about what they're working on - We do continuous delivery properly: any team member can deploy, and we regularly do several deploys a day - We publish portions of our code as open source, and contribute back to open source projects we use - A fantastic culture of creatively minded, hard working people who are passionate about Envato and being part of its growth and success - Flexible working conditions – we want you to love your work but also your life outside of Envato - We actively work on creating a safe, inclusive environment free from discrimination - In addition to hiring for our Melbourne CBD office, we will also consider applications from experienced developers who would like to work remotely (Australia wide) - Future career progression will be available across the entire business - we're big on internal opportunities and professional growth! - We’re offering a competitive salary package & benefits ($85k-$125k package, but flexible depending on experience)


  • Honesty == hard conversations
  • Freedom & autonomy
  • Trust our intuition
  • Empathy with customers

Cool Tech

  • Open source contributor
  • Full-featured IDE editor

Day in the Life

  • Continous feedback
  • Great for parents
  • Globally distributed dev team
  • Do Not Disturb time blocks

Team members

  • 1800+ employees

James Ross


  • Macbook Pro
  • Notepad++
  • Regular
  • React, Javascript
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Pacman

Fullstack Engineer

Los Angeles, CA・New Grad・Full Time


Ruby Developer

Remote・Mid Level・Full Time

Senior Ruby Developer

Remote・Senior・Full Time

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