Burlington, VT

  • Coding principles
    Stable stack, Code formatter does the work, Always add comments
  • Modern Tech Stack
    Docker, AWS Data Pipeline, Python, CSS 3, HTML5, JavaScript, Ruby, MongoDB, PyTorch

Our Mission

Faraday is the end-to-end machine learning platform for the B2C stack. Consumer data, algorithms, visualizations — it’s all built in and ready to power your teams and systems in 6-8 weeks. The hardest part about AI is knowing where to start. We’re the leading data science platform for brands: we’ve helped 100+ of them already and counting! AI FOR B2C We’re dedicated to helping B2C companies get started and get ahead with AI that builds revenue. By focusing squarely on the customer journey, we put AI-powered insights and predictions to work where they have immediate impact. AI MADE EASY Successfully operationalizing AI can be daunting — we get it. That’s why we bundle up all the ingredients you need into a beautiful, user-friendly platform supported by expert data scientists and software engineers. AI ACTION Insights and predictions are important, but action is crucial. Take immediate action on your data and AI-powereed predictions with built-in campaign tools and an API configured to feed predictions right where you want them.

Tech Stack

Python, PyTorch, MongoDB, AWS, PostgresQL, Ruby on Rails web app, Javascript, HTML, CSS, d3

Core Values

We believe that consumers have a right to the privacy of their own data We also believe that how consumers act in the marketplace can and should be used to make sellers helpful and relevant. Social scraping is creepy When you, as a consumer, post on Facebook, add an image to Instagram, or give a job update on LinkedIn, they’re sharing social information about themselves with their friends and colleagues. Telling your Twitter followers that you wish you were somewhere warm right now is not an invitation for airlines to offer you flights to Tahiti. Commercial ergonomics is awesome The minute we enter a transactional relationship with a vendor, we’re no longer in the social realm: we’re doing business. We’ve long benefited from coordinated commerce. It’s why you can buy wine next to your favorite grocery store and why we have shopping malls. When you buy a house, you’re going to need internet, and a postcard from Comcast is a helpful way to get started. Using your behavior as a dollar-spending consumer to anticipate your next need is great business and, when done sensitively, incredibly convenient. Faraday licenses opt-in, permissioned consumer data from reputable vendors to assemble its Faraday Identity Graph, which powers predictions and analysis. Non-proliferation is the best way forward Just because your consumer data isn’t social doesn’t mean it’s not sensitive. More and more companies are starting to recognize the benefit of data-driven practices. Unfortunately, the prevailing first step is to procure large consumer databases. Because not every company out there has perfect security, this has led to a spike in “data breaches” and other failures. In reality, very few of these companies need full access to that much raw data. Instead, Faraday believes that companies who want access (us included!) should be required — by law — to meet strict regulations around security and privacy. Voluntary compliance is not enough. Then, this small group of trusted stewards can use that data on behalf of other companies to perform analysis, make predictions, and so forth. Proliferation is the problem. Long live privacy Privacy is a complicated topic, and you may have a different interpretation; we respect that. Obviously we’re in the business of guessing what will appeal to you based on commercial behavior you’ve exhibited before. That said, we pledge to keep our algorithms out of your personal life. And if any airlines are listening, we would, in fact, love some tickets to Tahiti. We promise not to think it’s creepy.

Vacation & Benefits

6 week PTO policy


  • Always be learning
  • Empathy with customers
  • Stability & security

Cool Tech

  • Open source contributor
  • Full-featured IDE editor
  • Artificial intelligence

Day in the Life

  • Private offices
  • Great for parents
  • Daily lunch together
  • Weekly executive Q&A
  • Continous feedback

Team members

  • 5 leadership
  • 4 data scientists
  • 8 engineers
  • 3 customer success engineers
  • 2 sales development
  • 4 marketing
  • 8 account executives
  • 2 platform engineers
  • 3 research & development
  • 2 content & branding


Chief Technical Officer

  • Macbook Pro
  • Atom
  • Mac
  • Python, Javascript
  • unknown
  • unknown

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