Flock Freight

San Diego, CA (Solana Beach)

  • Coding principles
    Code formatter does the work, Whiteboard before first line of code, Try cool new tools for small features, Everybody can push to prod, Always add comments, Pull request review, Pair programming, Debuggers and breakpoints
  • Work/Life Rhythm
    Remote as needed, Do Not Disturb weekends, Massive impact == fulfillment
  • Modern Tech Stack
    Bootstrap, Confluence, Jira, GitHub, Python, Mode, Redash, Amazon Redshift, MySQL, 1Password, Google Cloud Pub/Sub, CSS 3, HTML5, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Java, TypeScript, Redux.js, React, JavaScript

Our Mission

To reimagine and reinvent the freight industry by relentlessly eliminating waste and inefficiency. --- Flock Freight is reinventing the $40b LTL freight industry. We’re transforming the old way of shipping goods via the hub and spoke model by creating a platform that enables pooling multiple shipments into multi-stop, full truckloads. This creates massive efficiencies for shippers, drivers, and trucking companies – all while reducing total transit time, damages, and environmental impact. Modernizing one of the country’s oldest industries is a lofty goal. We're funded by GV and SignalFire and we’ve grown 25x in 3 years. Our team is obsessed with growing our customer base, constantly improving the technology platform, and delivering a superior customer experience. If you’re up for a challenge, check us out. The Flock Freight San Diego headquarters is located two blocks from the beach on Cedros Ave. in Solana Beach, with new offices opening in Chicago. --- Our Vision Create a transformative freight platform with a superior customer experience that delivers value      to shippers by reducing cost, damage, and transit time      to carriers by providing more profitable freight to customers and consumers by increasing supply chain efficiency      to the world by reducing inefficient consumption of resources Starting with algorithmic pooling of freight ---

Tech Stack

Backend: Java, OOP patterns, jOOQ, MySQL Frontend: React, Redux, TypeScript, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS3 Infrastructure: Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Helm, Google Cloud Platform Algorithms: Combinatorial optimization, VRP, routing, logistics, scheduling, network optimization, Python, Java, high performance computing, performance engineering We're solving incredibly hard, real-world problems related to logistics, routing, and network optimization. With 1000s of happy customers, we're motivated by building a delightful data-driven product that has a meaningful positive impact for small and medium-sized business across the US. ---- How does it work? --- Our unique freight pooling and optimization technology enables these combined freight shipments from several customers to bypass the traditional hub & spoke transport networks. Regardless of the size, origin, destination, or freight class of a customer's shipment, we offer the easiest, safest and most cost-effective way to ship freight.

Team Q&A

  • What's FlockDirect ?

    Flock Freight

  • Where's the office and what's it like?

    Flock Freight

  • How we pool LTL shipments to reduce prices, damage, & transit time

    Flock Freight

Core Values

- All In - Think Big - Be Agile - Do the Right Thing - Empower People --- Employee Testimonials: "After working with literally dozens of research organizations large and small, young and old, I can honestly say the ability to translate effort into impact here is unlike anything I've ever witnessed. This company depends in no small part on the hard work of literally every employee, and its rapid growth is a testament to the quality of those people I'm privileged to call my coworkers." - Oliver (Optimization Engineering) "Working here is one of the best decisions I've ever made. As a young professional, the opportunity for growth here is unparalleled. Your voice is heard here. Being able to learn from a team of incredibly talented individuals has been an exceptional experience and I truly value spending time with this team every day." - Sophia (Marketing) "Flock Freight has taught me what it means to be a part of something bigger than yourself. When you know everyone is equally dedicated to the company mission, you develop this new sense of purpose. At the end of the day, you can really only learn from your mistakes. The great mixture of guidance and autonomy at Flock Freight has helped me grow. The executive team has also created an environment where your voice can be heard and they are very transparent. Our CEO is very involved and always happy to chat with any team member. I am confident that Flock Freight has and will continue to equip me with the skills to further my professional career." - Alice (Sales)

Vacation & Benefits

- A front row seat to an amazing growth story - Great compensation and real ownership (both in terms of equity and over the product) - Stock options - Full health coverage - Flexible spending account (FSA) - Dental/vision insurance - Life insurance - Disability insurance - 401k - PTO and paid holidays - Regular company social events and lunches - Gym discounts - Craft coffee and kombucha on tap - Walk to the beach - Quarterly events, regular happy hours, and co-workers you will actually want to spend time with! - The opportunity to empower thousands of businesses across the country


  • Design-first thinking
  • Give back to the community
  • Trust the data
  • Psychological safety
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Always be learning
  • Intellectually curious
  • Empathy with customers
  • Freedom & autonomy

Cool Tech

  • Full-featured IDE editor

Day in the Life

  • Do Not Disturb time blocks
  • Structured onboarding
  • Open floor plan
  • Training opportunities
  • Weekly executive Q&A
  • Continous feedback

Team members

  • 80 employees in San Diego HQ
  • New Chicago office

Lu Saenz

VP Engineering & Product

  • MacBook Pro 15" loaded
  • IntelliJ Idea
  • Apple Wireless
  • Java
  • Chess
  • Flappy Bird

Fullstack Software Engineer

Solana Beach, CA・Senior・Full Time


Backend Infrastructure Engineer

Solana Beach, CA・Senior・Full Time

Algorithms Engineer

Solana Beach, CA・Senior・Full Time

Operations Research Scientist

Solana Beach, CA・Senior・Full Time

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