Silicon Valley, California

  • Coding principles
    Test-driven development, Stable stack, Pair programming
  • Modern Tech Stack
    Android SDK, Objective-C, Node.js, CSS 3, HTML5, JavaScript, Kafka, Apache Spark, React Native, React

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a world where companies are loved by customers and employees: - we have a 100% implementation rate - we process over 1 billion comments per quarter - we work with 1000+ loved brands around the world - we have 15 offices around the globe (San Mateo, NYC, London, Paris, Sydney, Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv) Over a thousand of the world’s leading brands trust Medallia Experience Cloud, a SaaS platform, to win through customer experience. Through our platform we capture feedback everywhere their customers are, understand it in real-time, and deliver insights and action across their organization. This empowers organizations and their employees to embed the pulse of the customer into their daily decisions. Through Medallia Experience Cloud, companies can create more loyal customers, grow faster, reduce costs and improve corporate culture. We help companies understand what their customers think about them, which is becoming the primary way businesses set themselves apart. Most companies—hotels, banks, or retailers, for example—are beginning to look largely similar in products and service capabilities, so customers are deciding who to do business with based on their experiences with those companies. Customers also expect their experiences to be consistent, whether they’re interacting with a company in person, on the phone, or via a mobile device. We help our clients provide delightful and consistent experiences across these multiple channels by enabling them to gather customer experience data and feedback along their customers’ journeys, analyze this data, and act upon it in a timely and relevant manner.  We collect all this feedback, and then run analytics and provide insights from the data in real time. We also guide and empower our clients to actually do something with that information, rather than just giving them a pretty report to look at. We might point out opportunities to improve their checkout process, or the way they onboard new customers. At our core, we’re helping them listen and take action at scale, in real time, which gives them a major advantage over their competitors. We’re moving into a world where every single company will need a customer experience management solution. The problem we solve is truly horizontal. Whether you’re a huge bank or a local retail chain, you need a way to manage and learn from what your customers are telling you. 

Tech Stack

We innovate across multiple layers, from how we run our data centers to the solutions we provide. I think Medallia is pioneering a marriage between the technologies of enterprise SaaS and some of the principles of the B2C world. R&D designs, builds, runs, and supports all our products, which are held to extremely high standards, to make sure we can handle the scale we’re at now and the scale we expect to reach in the future. To give you an example, we’ve parsed the equivalent of half a million books worth of customer comments in the last two months alone. So we’re running sentiment analysis on unstructured data at a massive scale. And this isn’t keyword matching; this is using data science and machine learning to make sense of what people are talking about and how they’re feeling in very specific contexts. It’s an opportunity to actually apply these very advanced technologies to some real-life business problems. Because this is a new space, there’s no shortage of interesting problems. What you work on just depends on your background and what interests you. In mobile, for example, we’re asking, “How do you create an app that’s relevant and personalized for the hundreds of thousands of employees who will use it, from the frontline to CEO?” In design, “How do you build something that’s sticky and will become part of someone’s daily routine?” In analytics, it’s a big data problem. We’re collecting more than 300 million pieces of feedback every day, structured and unstructured. There's something interesting going on within each project, whether that’s implementing a new product feature or working with the latest and greatest in terms of technology—we’re using modern frameworks like React, React Native, Spark, and Kafka, to name a few. For API frameworks, we use tools like Swagger, RAML, and API lifecycle infrastructure tools. We use Lambda architectures and have built complex data ingestion workflows. Our production environment uses mainstream object-oriented programming languages such as Java. Our user interfaces are created with AngularJS, ReactJS, server-side CSS pre-processing platforms such as Less and SASS, vanilla javascript, HTML, and CSS... all in a test-driven agile environment.

Team Q&A

  • How do you text analytics and natural language processing?


  • What's life like at Medallia?

    Nick Biddle

Core Values

Empathy is first. Putting yourself in your customer’s or colleague’s shoes and genuinely caring about their problems is integral to what we do. Second, we need to be passionate. We’re in a category-defining moment, and can’t settle for mediocrity. Discernment is also important. We need to be able to listen to our individual customers but still step back, see the broader themes, and build for the market. One of our primary strengths is teamwork. Engineering is about being smart and innovative and striving for excellence in your craft, and collaboration is a critical tool to that end. We mean it when we say this is a team sport. Being humble, being generous to your colleagues—those are some of the shared values in R&D and across Medallia. We celebrate successes all the time, but not as individual achievements. When we sign a new customer or release a new function or ship a new product, we recognize every person who contributed and, really, the entire team. We emphasize empowerment and accountability. We try to give each team clear direction and remove any roadblocks in their way. We also hold each other to a standard of doing what we say, not just with each other but with our clients. Our customers are building roadmaps for their businesses based on our insights, and that’s a responsibility we do not take lightly. We talk a lot in the software industry about evolving our technology, but it’s equally important to evolve your people and help support the next generation of leaders. We do that through a mix of formalized learning and on-the-job training. Our People and Culture team is a key partner in tailoring leadership development paths that align with the company goals. Then there are more informal learning opportunities, like tech talks and group demos. And we regularly meet with each team member to discuss their goals and how we’ll measure their progress. We work together to build a strategy, and then we let them run with it.

Vacation & Benefits

Why work with us? A great team that truly loves what they do An open environment that respects you and your time Cutting edge technologies and cloud infra  Opportunity to be part of a global team for one of the top SaaS companies in the world Central location in Ramat Gan Bursa area, 5 minutes from the train station Competitive benefits Weekly Happy Hours Fully-stocked kitchens Weekly lunches and snacks Unlimited beer on tap Flexible hours A train line welfare activities Bicycle friendly Dog friendly


  • Intellectually curious
  • Always be learning
  • Trust our intuition
  • Empathy with customers

Cool Tech

  • Natural language processing
  • Full-featured IDE editor
  • Artificial intelligence

Day in the Life

  • Training opportunities
  • Great for parents
  • Globally distributed dev team
  • Daily lunch together

Team members

  • Over 1,000 employees globally
  • Offices in Europe and Australia
  • Offices in the US and UK


Chief Technology Officer

  • iMac
  • Sublime Text
  • Apple wireless
  • Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Fortnite

Frontend Software Engineer

Buenos Aires, Argentina・New Grad・Full Time


Node.js Software Engineer

Buenos Aires, Argentina・Mid Level・Full Time

Text Analytics Software Engineer

Buenos Aires, Argentina・Mid Level・Full Time

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