San Francisco, CA

  • Coding principles
    Bleeding-edge stack, Everybody can push to prod, Hacky prototype before clean code, Try cool new tools for small features
  • Work/Life Rhythm
    Remote as needed, Massive impact == fulfillment, Design your own schedule, 60+ hours/week to change the world
  • Modern Tech Stack
    CSS 3, Kubernetes, Webpack, Elixir, Redux.js, React, Kafka, Consul, Docker, gRPC, C++, Rust, Go

Our Mission

Mux is building the future of online video infrastructure. We've built successful products in video technology before (including Zencoder and Video.js), and we're now building API-driven tools to support the biggest use of the internet today: online video.  We have two best-in-class products. Mux Data is a performance analytics tool for video streaming that’s trusted by developers at companies like Vimeo, CBS, and Wistia. Mux Video is a simple API to instant video transcoding and streaming. Take any video file or live stream and make it play beautifully at scale on any device with a single API call, powered by magical-feeling features like automatic thumbnails, animated gifs, and data-driven encoding decisions.  We were named one of the best Y Combinator startups of 2016, and we recently raised a Series A from Accel, joining existing investors SV Angel, Lowercase, the founders of Heroku, Parse, and others.

Tech Stack

Our real-time analytics pipeline processes billions of data points every day for some of the worlds biggest media companies, and our global video delivery system transcodes and delivers video at scale. We operate multi-cloud containerized software on Kubernetes, working with tools like Apache Kafka, Consul, and Docker, and a microservice architecture implemented in Golang with gRPC. 

Team Q&A

  • What is Mux Video?


  • High end video is everywhere!


Core Values

Why “Mux”? The word mux is short for “multiplexing”, the process of bringing together multiple signals into a single communication channel. In the world of digital video, muxing is the last step in the creation of video for streaming. Multiple signals - audio, video, and data - are muxed together to create a playable video stream. We’re obsessed with video performance so you don’t have to be. Mux was founded in 2015 by Jon Dahl, Steve Heffernan, Matt McClure, and Adam Brown, four engineers and veterans of online video who are passionate about video technology and performance. The team now includes engineers from YouTube, Twitch, Brightcove, and Facebook. At Zencoder, they helped move video encoding to the cloud, replacing stacks of encoding servers with a clean, powerful API for groups like Amazon, PBS, and the NFL. Zencoder was co-founded in 2010 by Jon, Steve, and a third founder, and was acquired two years later by Brightcove. While at Zencoder, they also helped pioneer the move from Flash to HTML5 video by creating Video.js, which is now the most widely deployed open-source video player on the web. Today, Video.js is used by Instagram, Twitter, Microsoft, and hundreds of thousands of other websites. The team behind Mux is also responsible for Demuxed, the premiere conference for engineers working on video. They blog, podcast, and have spoken about video and data technology around the world.

Vacation & Benefits

A supportive culture that cares about both excellent work and work-life balance Salary + equity with perks like a 10-year exercise window Competitive health, dental, and vision insurance (99% employee and 50% dependent premium coverage) Commuter benefits 401(k) Cell phone service and device reimbursements Catered lunches, snacks, and good coffee Paid parental leave Flex PTO policy Long-term disability insurance Investment in career growth and training


  • Intellectually curious
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Always be learning

Cool Tech

  • Vim
  • Emacs
  • Whatever c++ people call functors

Day in the Life

  • Open floor plan
  • Do Not Disturb time blocks
  • < 5 hours of meetings

Team members

  • 50 employees

Jon Dahl


  • Macbook
  • Sublime, Vim
  • Macbook default
  • C++, Rust, Go
  • Poker
  • Ark

Full Stack Engineer

San Francisco, CA・Mid Level・Full Time


Distributed Systems Engineer

San Francisco, CA・Mid Level・Full Time

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