Tel Aviv, San Francisco, NYC, LA, Washington D.C., Atlanta 

  • Coding principles
    Everybody can push to prod, Pair programming, Debuggers and breakpoints
  • Work/Life Rhythm
    Do Not Disturb weekends
  • Modern Tech Stack
    .NET, Azure DevOps, AWS, Chef, Linux, C++, Java

Our Mission

At OverOps, we're building the next generation software virtual machine. We're using the latest software architectures to make code run faster and be easier to fix, secure and optimize. As a software start-up building tools for developers, we're focused on building the tools we'd like to use ourselves everyday -- the way we'd want them to be built. 7M+ unique errors analyzed 5T+ issues deduplicated 20+ product integrations 53% employees in tech roles 50 work days a year saved per developer

Tech Stack

Java, .Net, Linux OS, networking, SAML, LDAP, AD, Chef, Puppet, AWS, Azure

Team Q&A

  • What is the OverOps "Diff Dashboard"


  • How do you add quality gates to a pre-production environment?


Core Values

OverOps was founded in 2011 by engineers with a vision to change the way the world delivers reliable software. Tired of trying to resolve software errors using manual, noisy log files, the team searched for a better way. We built a powerful break-through solution that empowers developers, QA, DevOps and the business with actionable, code-level insights. Today, large enterprises have come to rely on OverOps to ensure a stable, reliable, software experience.

Vacation & Benefits

Unlimited PTO that you're encouraged to use


  • Psychological safety
  • Trust the data

Cool Tech

  • Whatever c++ people call functors
  • Open source contributor
  • Vim

Day in the Life

  • Continous feedback
  • Great for parents
  • Globally distributed dev team

Team members

  • 80 employees in the US and Israel

Tal Weiss

Co-founder & CTO

  • Alienware R17
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Ergonomic split
  • Java, C++
  • Seven Wonders
  • Mario Kart

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