Scale AI

San Francisco, CA

  • Coding principles
    Ship first, refactor later, Hacky prototype before clean code, Bleeding-edge stack
  • Work/Life Rhythm
    Massive impact == fulfillment
  • Modern Tech Stack
    MongoDB, CSS 3, HTML5, JavaScript, Next.js, React

Our Mission

We believe that the transition from traditional software to AI is one of the most important shifts of our time. Our mission is to make that happen faster, across every industry. One of the biggest bottlenecks for real world AI applications is access to labeled data. Our first product is the most developer-friendly data labeling API for AI applications: self-driving cars, mapping, AR/VR, robotics, drones, retail, and more. Our products for image annotation, semantic segmentation, 3D point cloud annotation, and LIDAR and RADAR annotation are used by industry leaders and provide world-class accuracy. Our view is that the most impactful way for us to change the future 10 years from now is by fundamentally bending the growth curve of machine learning software. If we make it easier and more feasible to build machine learning software, we can accelerate progress across every field in machine learning. WHY SCALE? - Our team is transforming how machine learning teams build innovative products. - We're a collaborative team that's always taking on complex challenges and finding new ways to solve problems. - We believe in empowering each individual while fostering collaboration to achieve success, and together, we are accelerating the development of AI applications. To date, Scale has raised $22.7 million in funding, with its latest funding round being a Series B in 2018. We have 65 people on our team, and we come from all different backgrounds. Scale's team is composed of educators, parents, poker players, boba lovers, and more. Coming out of YC S16, we have been able to partner with industry leaders to accelerate their AI development.

Tech Stack

Our first product is a suite of APIs that allow AI teams to generate high-quality ground truth data. Our customers include Alphabet (Google), Zoox, Lyft, Pinterest, Airbnb, nuTonomy, and many more, and we've become an industry standard for the self-driving car market. We are building a large hybrid human-machine system in service of ML pipelines for dozens of industry-leading customers. We currently complete millions of tasks a month, and will grow to complete billions of tasks monthly. Deep Learning: building CNNs. Classical Machine Learning: non-deep learning methods (random forests, collaborative filtering, HMMs, etc.) Applied ML Engineering: building large-scale data and machine-learning pipelines. ML Frameworks: TensorFlow, Pytorch Web Stack: React, Javascript, Node.js, Next.js, MongoDB

Team Q&A

  • How is Scale powering autonomous vehicles?

    Scale AI

Core Values

Our values ensure we are aligned in executing on our mission. These core values provide a framework for us to make decisions and work effectively as a team: SOLVE PROBLEMS We hire problem-solvers in every role. We hire people who can identify & solve problems as they arise, and push themselves to solve these problems better and better over time in novel ways. This enables every part of the company to continuously self-improve and confront difficult problems on their own. These improvements will compound exponentially and make a massive difference over any period of time. BE THE CHANGE At any one time, there are going to be areas of improvement and problems in need of solving. While it can be tempting to enumerate these problems, the real magic happens when you take action and drive improvement. Across the company, we are empowered to devise and drive solutions, no matter if it's in "our area" or not. With everyone's contribution, we'll notice that everything, no matter in what state, will steadily improve. OPTIMISM IS INFECTIOUS By being optimistic about an outcome, we greatly improve our chances of success. At Scale, we are constantly in the process of making something from nothing. As we work on novel and cutting edge solutions, we are optimistic about the future and optimism is infectious. TRUST AND INVEST IN THE TEAM We all succeed or fail as a team, and no individual is greater than the team. We make an effort to constantly trust and invest in each other to build a robust, scalable company.

Vacation & Benefits

At Scale, we believe your talent and achievements deserve to be met with a supportive community and flexible environment. HEALTH, DENTAL & VISION COVERAGE Choose the benefit plan that suits you and your family's needs. EASY TO USE 401(K) VIA GUIDELINE Plan and invest for the future with a 401(K) via Guideline. GENEROUS PAID TIME OFF Enjoy time to travel or plan a staycation - whatever you need to relax and recharge. FLEXIBLE WORK HOURS Flexible hours allow you to work when you are most productive. FREE LUNCH AND DINNER Stay fueled for the workday. Lunch and dinner are on us. REGULAR SOCIAL ACTIVITIES From karaoke to off-sites, we take time to celebrate the wins and connect with teammates.


  • Trust the data
  • Intellectually curious
  • Automate repetitive tasks

Cool Tech

  • Robotics
  • Natural language processing
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Artificial intelligence

Day in the Life

  • Structured onboarding
  • Weekly executive Q&A
  • Do Not Disturb time blocks

Team members

  • 65 people


CEO and Founder

  • Macbook
  • Sublime, Vim
  • Macbook
  • Javascript, React
  • Pandemic
  • Super Smash Bros

Fullstack Engineer

San Francisco, CA・New Grad・Full Time


Machine Learning Engineer

San Francisco, CA・Mid Level・Full Time

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