San Francisco, CA

  • Coding principles
    Bleeding-edge stack, Whiteboard before first line of code, Hacky prototype before clean code, Try cool new tools for small features
  • Work/Life Rhythm
    Remote full-time, Remote as needed
  • Modern Tech Stack
    Go, C++, Serverless

Our Mission

Serverless abstracts away the most menial parts of building an application, leaving developers free to actually spend their days coding. What this means is that developers can single-handedly build apps that handle production-ready traffic. They don’t have to actively manage scaling for their applications. They don't have to provision servers, or pay for resources that go unused. They can just get projects off the ground with small, agile teams. Thousands of developers are already proving that serverless can enable them to launch applications at record speed and cost. Adoption has been fast, with companies like Coca-cola, Nordstrom, EA, and Expedia touting their number of serverless services in production. Ultimately, serverless is about focusing your efforts on what provides value to users. Upgrading your Linux distro does not provide value to users. Managing your RabbitMQ servers does not provide value to users. Shipping product provides value to users. That is the serverless maxim: focus on business logic, not servers. Serverless has become a movement about faster development and creative empowerment. In 2015 when we released the Serverless Framework open source project, we had no idea what the serverless movement would become, or how fast it would grow. Today, the Serverless Framework Open Source is the main way developers deploy cloud applications on any FaaS provider. We also have an entire suite of Framework Enterprise tooling that makes it seamless for organizations to adopt cloud technologies and run them at scale. At Serverless, Inc., we believe many things. We believe that a future with serverless technologies at its center is inevitable. That serverless will let developers focus less on administration, and more on driving business value to end users. That serverless will allow organizations to innovate and get to market more quickly. Most importantly, we believe that these are great things. Our mission is to empower every developer to go serverless.

Tech Stack

Our open source Serverless Framework is a massively popular open source project, and the go-to way developers deploy modern cloud applications.

Team Q&A

  • Serverless and Event-Driven Future

    Austen Collins, CEO & Founder

  • AWS Serverless Hero

    Austen Collins, CEO & Founder

Core Values

Radical Candor We have the courage to give and receive constructive feedback that challenges us to do better, but also shows that we care. Freedom with accountability We thrive in a state of freedom and autonomy. We own our outcomes, share the credit, and shoulder the responsibility. Future minded creativity We make forward-thinking decisions for the long-term, not based on what others are doing right now. We identify root causes instead of treating symptoms. Integrity We treat everyone with respect. Our team is incredibly diverse: in nationality, country of residence, and background, and we believe this diversity makes our team better. More than that, it’s necessary for our team to do the creative thinking required to be a market leader. How We Operate We are a group of self-motivated hackers and creatives who believe that there is a better way to build cloud applications. Our end goal is to make software development accessible to everyone, and we are starting by making it easier for software engineers. At Serverless, we strongly believe in the power of community. We believe in open source. We believe that the serverless movement is only just beginning, and will soon occupy the majority of the public cloud market. And we want to be the people who take it there. We are creating the environment developers will use to build, operate and integrate their applications at scale. To do this requires true forward-thinking. It requires a team that values openness, and that can be honest (yet compassionate) in their ideas and critiques. If you are one such person, we don’t care where you are located; we want to work with you. We are Serverless, Inc, and our mission is to enable developers to build more and manage less. We hope you’ll join us.

Vacation & Benefits

Quality healthcare, dental, and vision plans 401(k) Retirement savings account Unlimited paid time off policy SF commuter program Team Retreats


  • Freedom & autonomy
  • Intellectually curious
  • Psychological safety
  • Trust the data

Cool Tech

  • Functors are containers
  • Open source contributor

Day in the Life

  • < 5 hours of meetings
  • Open floor plan
  • Daily lunch together

Team members

  • 2 product leaders
  • 5 fullstack engineers
  • 2 growth team
  • 1 HR coordinator
  • 3 account executives
  • 2 UI/UX designers
  • 1 platform architect
  • 3 leadership
  • 2 framework developers


VP of Engineering

  • Asus
  • VSCode + Vim
  • Microsoft ergonomic split
  • C++, Golang
  • SmashUp
  • Apex Legends

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